Monday, July 9, 2007

Introduction of Myslef

My name is Stephanie and I am currently in my last year at the University of Regina, pursuing a degree in Secondary Education. I am majoring in Business Education and Special Education with a minor in Phys.Ed.

I am a member of the University of Regina Woman’s Hockey Team. Between school and hockey I do not have a lot of free time. However, I do make time to play fastball during the summer months and am hoping to go to the Senior Ladies National Championship in August.

My attitude towards technology in my own personal experience is that technology can be both a wonderful and unpleasant invention. At times it has the power to do amazing things that people think would be virtually impossible, such as email and the ability to create many types of documents. At other times it also has the power to make a sane person go crazy. Like me right now, I have been extremely frustrated trying to log onto our online sessions because it either kicks me off or won't let me log on at all. It is definitely driving me crazy, thank goodness that the sessions are recorded.

I believe the potential benefits of technology in the classroom are that it helps students engage in different types of learning concepts. I also feel that students learn and listen better when introduced to new ideas. Technology helps students to expand their knowledge in an even bigger and better way. The potential limitations of technology in the classroom are that students may become dependant on computers and not learn how to find information or do things manually. Technology can also take away the fundamentals of interaction with other people causing students to lack in people skills. I feel that in moderation technology in K-12 learning environments can be very beneficial to a well rounded education.

What I hope to learn in this class is new teaching methods that will engage my students and make them want to learn. My previous experience with computers is average. I know enough to get the job done, but I am by no means an expert. This is just small glimpse into my life and knowledge of computers.

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Shareski said...

You've obviously got quite a busy and I think balanced life. I'm always excited to see someone like yourself incorporate these technologies into your life to enrich it. Good teachers do this.

I think your focus on business and sports are perfect matches. Hopefully you'll build some connections and ideas as you move forward.