Saturday, August 11, 2007

Just BackFlip It

Whether a learner is researching the web for new information or double checking previously used sites, some method is required to keep track of where the information is located. Many learners utilize the "Favorites" function to capture these URLs. Unfortunately, over time, the "Favorites" list can become unwieldy with a multitude of entries which dictates time wasted to scrolling the list.

Given the ever increasing 'digital divide', some learners may be forced to use libraries, schools, or web-cafes to conduct their web searches. Without owning a personal computer, the task of compiling usable URLs becomes onerous. BackFlip is free and can be logged onto at any computer terminal making the research lists portable.

BackFlip was introduced by Tim Hickman in 2001. It is a tool designed to help capture, organize, and retrieve URLs the learner wishes to keep. It is mostly user-friendly, security conscious and easy to navigate. BackFlip works on Internet Explorer, Mac, Linux, and Netscape. To start using BackFlip simply click on the link below and follow the step by step instructions. Remember BackFlip is FREE. Always a nice little added bonus!


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