Tuesday, August 7, 2007

My Own View of Digital Life

Digital life is a collection of the virtual world technologies that are bringing life to the digital realm. All of them create environments where people live in a digital form. These worlds mix the real and imaginary. They are unique venues for innovation and self expression. The closet modern version of this technology is Google Earth - a detailed 3D visualization of the Earth. Even though Google Earth is a simulation, one of its main functions is to augment geographical information with digital information. Life is slowly becoming more digital and digital is becoming more alive.

In terms of my own digital life of private vs. public it is kind of exciting and a bit unnerving to think that information is being unleashed and re-shuffled and that everything is becoming increasingly more connected. We are accelerating into our digital future from all directions - pushing digital towards life and pushing life towards digital. Even though I will continue to try and separate my private vs. public digital life, the advancements in technology is making it extremely difficult to continue to do so.

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Stepa said...

Agree, personal, social and professional lives must be separated.
Here is typical event from my life.
I was teaching grade 5 kids to use search engines and had started with Google Images. My computer was connected to the projector to simplify explanation. I instructed kids to type name of their town and showed them were. I always check each URL before using it in the class and this time wasn’t an exception. Imagine my astonishment after realizing that one of the pictures shows local female in delicate site. ( I have to say that that is very small town where everyone is a neighbor) Reaction wasn’t that bad and I changed the topic and gave the class next assignment.
That female was displeased (she had completely forgot about this image) and I had unpleasant talk with administration, (WE do understand that this is not your fault but you must be careful…)
I have arrived to hte conclusion – be cautious with personal info.